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Optimizing the busiest Airport

eMenu became the very first digital menu restaurant service provider to install digital tabletop menus at two new restaurant concepts of some of the busiest airports of the world. With a motive to provide incredible in-dine restaurant experience to passengers even in an extremely busy environment, this digital menu also carries the feature to order and pay through the device.

Reportedly, eMenu was consigned to install 60 iPad tablets in Kamron restaurant and 47 iPad tablets at Maurijona Lounge at their respective airports. Apart from ordering and payment these digital menus are also configured with various other sorts of features including tempting visuals of the menu, ingredients, multi lingual facility, weather and flight status update along with fun and recreation zones.

Airport Challenges


Every flier at busy airports comes across various challenges from check in process to boarding of flight. In such a case, when it comes to have some food stuff at an airport restaurant, then the service has to be swift and elegant enough to meet customer’s expectations. However, some of the most common concerns to be encountered by airport restaurants for their customers include-

  • Most of the passengers want the services of the restaurant to be quick and effective, whereas the waiters are mostly found engaged in serving the rest of the guests. At times this also includes errors while inputting orders received from the customers thereby resulting in an ineffective service.
  • There are times when flights get delayed leaving no options for the passengers but to wait. At such an instant, restaurants could emerge as a fun source providing redemption against the meals.
Airport Solutions


eMenu came up as a solution factor for the concerns emerging at airport restaurants, both for the fliers as well as for airports. Some of these include-

  • Dining control for users - Visiting the restaurants to order and waiting for the meals is of course time taking. The innovative dining control allows the passengers to place the order even if they are in waiting lounge. Apparently, ordering and paying from the same place certainly leaves the passengers satisfied.
  • Ensured efficiency - eMenu avoids those long waiting queues for order placement. Apart from these, where guests are busy making selections and ordering, the wait staff also find it suitable to attend every visitor with convenience thus resulting in an effective and smooth service.

Key Features

The passengers whether from any corner of the world now could easily place their order through multilingual feature of eMenu service.
Guests could stay updated with weather and flight schedules from eMenu while taking their meals at restaurants.
The eMenu digital technology maintains a streamline for providing fast, effective and sound services to the customers.
The airline vouchers through astounding value addition provide faster service to the passengers of the delayed flights.

Value Proposition

Revenue increment by 15% through upselling along with smart food order recommendations.

Provides table turnover enhancement by 15 minutes on an average during busy hours.

Increases revenue by trending your brand or third party advertisements

Enhances the sale of low ordered food items by 6% through tempting images and visuals.

Improved guest satisfaction through features like games, city info, browsing and flight and weather update at any instant of time.

Proud to be the one and only Micros configured hospitality software service provider and official silver partners for Samsung.

About eMenu

eMenu (electronic Menu) - Touch Screen Ordering Software

Azilen Technologies is a proud innovator of tablet based eMenu System which has been highly accredited in the hospitality industries due to its integrated features. This menu system is extremely functional for various sectors of this industry. Engaging operations offer an ideal ambience to guests for a memorable dining experience.

eMenu News and Event

eMenu Creates Huge Buzz at NRA Event


Chicago, IL, June 6, 2013: eMenu, touch screen menu system for restaurants created a huge buzz in the recently held National Restaurant Association (NRA) event which featured more than 10,000 booths and a number of innovations which could boost the efficiency of restaurants worldwide.

eMenu announce its QSR version "eMenu Zesto"


QSR are primarily about fast and efficient service. Serving efficiently in minimal time with low staff cost is desired for any QSR/Food court, eMenu Zesto helps QSR to achieve this.

eMenu uncovers the Cloud Based Digital Menu System


eMenu uncovers the Cloud Based Digital Menu System: An Eye-Catching Product for the Restaurant Owners Ahmedabad, Gujarat, May 06, 2013: eMenu;

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