Digital Menu Trends 2015 – Revamp Your Airport Restaurant

Every time I am destined to wait for my boarding call, I wish I could munch and sip on something interesting. Well, airports have lots of such food corners. Though a bit more pricey than their non-airport counterparts, they end up inviting considerable traffic , because of the sheer fact that people are not in love with the concept of idle waiting.

Well, there is a lot more than ‘Just Food’, that travellers require – flight information and navigational information being 2 of the most looked for details.

Restaurants, being major resting points at an airport, can buckle up to provide such information, coupled with a lot other convenience services to their visitors.

Many airport restaurants have already started being heavily value centric.. Digital menu, being the medium of their value addition.

Apart from an interactive menu that can help guests put forth their orders on their own, a digital menu can be wired to do a lot more!

Here are a few rising integration models that airport restaurants are increasingly utilizing for helping airport visitors, along with awesome lists of edibles:

Integrated Language Translators

Tourist and educational destinations in the world, see the largest number of foreign visitors. Here is a statistical representation to give you an idea:

15 Key Airport Visitors Statistics

Considering the number of foreign visitors these countries receive every year, and the percentage rise as compared to the previous year, it becomes apparent that airport authorities have to handle quite a lot of linguistic chaos.

Restaurants can use digital menus that have language experts integrated into them. This would not only help visitors go through the menu in their native tongue, but would also increase comfort and loyalty among them.

Digital Menu - Multi Language

Repeat visits increase a real lot in restaurants that offer an option to select language in their digital menu.

Airport Navigation

Every year, airports witness a major chunk of first-time international and domestic visitors among their regular traffic weight.

For these first-time visitors, both for the ones destined for departure and arrival, everything about these airports is new. Right from checking in and security checks to tracing out departure gates, vis-à-vis finding out conveyor belts…everything seems to be a tussle.

Digital Menu - Airport Navigation

Those going for departures face a lot more problem than those arriving, specifically because of the time crunch before their flights take off.

Restaurants can be a lot of help in such scenarios, if they have navigation instructors loaded on to their digital menu. Visitors are enabled to search for their scheduled gates sitting at the airport eatery, while they are busy enjoying their food!

With proper store-front advertising, they can really be awesome business builders….

Flight Information

Despite airlines commanding perfect traveller service through their personal mobile applications, seldom does every traveller check his flight details in the app. Chances are, travellers would move here and there, inquiring for flight information.

It can be a lot of help if flight status and information could be retrieved while munching on a sandwich and sipping coffee.

Yes, that’s an entirely new trend! Since digital menu can be integrated well enough with all kinds of odd systems, integrating status tellers is a wise option to go for!


Yeah, I know! Mobile devices are there to take care of that part, but yet, how many people would want to take a chance on heavy battery loads that mobile games generally demand? Everyone would like to save up a decent battery power level for making unexpected and urgent calls!

Restaurant emenu can be of help in that scenario. An hour of waiting seems to fly by, if angry birds were there to entertain.

Integrate your restaurant’s digital menu with a gaming section, to keep your customers well engaged, while they wait for their boarding turns.

Weather Teller

Air travelers generally seek to know about the weather of their destinations or conditions during a take-off.

Since safety of air travel is decided a lot by sky conditions, knowing what weather conditions would face them and the flight that are scheduled for, helps with a lot of risk planning.

Digital Menu - Weather Detail

It is as such, not at all surprising that air travellers are getting more aware of their rights to know about sky conditions, they might be facing.

Airport restaurants have recently taken up an onus to tell their customers about weather conditions of places, they need to know about.

An accurate weather teller can be integrated into digital menu, so that customers can browse through weather details while deciding to order for their munchies and beverages.

It is an amazing value addition to the services of any airport restaurant!

Multi-Restaurant Menu Surfer

An add-on service that can add a lot of value to any restaurant’s business status. It is more of good ideas to enable customers go through the menu of other restaurants while they are sitting at your restaurant. It helps them decide which store they have to visit in the future to enjoy stuff that is not available at your place at present.

Digital Menu - Multi Restaurants Menu Browsing

Many restaurant owners look at it as something that would drive customers away to competition.

That, my friend, is not the case. Involving selling items of other restaurants generates a level of trust among your customers and goodwill from competition, helping your business to grow further.

Availing Meal Vouchers

The title says it all.

Digital menus contain this feature that enables a customer to type down the voucher code and flight number and enjoy redemption against their vouchers on the food item that they are ordering.

Common as it might seem, it is actually a very important feature for people whose flights have been delayed, thus resulting in them spending more time at your restaurant.

The Digital Front of Airport Catering – Its Future

We can see a distant bright sparkle! Airport catering is an extremely important part of the entire air economy. Digitalizing their menu is an obvious choice to make. However, the catch lies in making it more than just a food menu.

There is an immense scope as far as digital menus for airport restaurants are considered. Considering the ease of integration and an almost endless space to cramp in treasures of information, we feel digital menus can be a lot more than digital menus.

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