eMenu revolutionizing the hospitality industry with Beacons

Application of iBeacons in digital menu, has aided in revolutionizing restaurant business around the globe. Along with the wide number of ground-breaking technology applications, introduced by eMenu, incorporation of beacon into eMenu system is pioneering endeavor to provide the restaurant owners with a considerable extent of convenience.

eMenu is the FIRST to come up with beacon application in digital menus for an end to end integrated system applicable in many of the leading countries around the world like Australia, Canada, Romania, Russia, Spain and South Africa.

eMenu revolutionizing the hospitality industry with Beacons
The eMenu –Beacon Frequency

eMenu’s proven implementation at 110+ tables in a single location, has set up high benchmark for the product. However, for a restaurant, procuring hardware for each table at once is a huge investment. The ideal solution being, Sharing of 1 Tablet among 2-3 tables. eMenu system has successfully integrated with beacon. Beacon is a small device, reasonably priced, easily fixed under a table without adding much visibility to the beautiful ambience of the restaurants. While placing order from the digital menu, the beacon device aids with detection of table number. This assists with staff to identify the guests seating location and deliver the order.

Earlier, Human Intervention was required, to change the table numbers, while sharing of tablets among tables. During busy hours, this non automated process added up to the milliseconds of delay in guest experience.
Azilen technologies, the parent company of the product, eMenu could sense a gap here for the need of an automated end to end ordering process without human intervention. With beacon, changing table numbers was no more a manual process.

eMenu served the purpose of an interactive menu, with aiding in cross and up selling, however it came up with the added responsibility of Safeguarding The Tablets. When it comes to a fully automized solution, any added accountability serves as a pain point.
The beacon plays the role of security officer for eMenu by activating an alarm, as soon as the tablet moves beyond a set range.


eMenu is the first mover, to come up with an innovative solution of using beacons for digital menu. eMenu has been serving its customers since 8 years, and has grown with time, trying to capture on the localization of features across the globe. eMenus focus has always been assisting with technology, the pain points of the customer centric restaurant industry.

The entire concept of bringing in revolution in the hospitality industry, with the eMenu – Beacon integration, was also born from the idea of helping restaurants move towards the ultimate goal of “End- to End” solution.

So the cycle of Integrations, first with POS (Point – of – Sale) then with Payment (for card payments) to the Pagers continues with Beacon integration and many more enticing ones on the way.

A quick glimpse of one of the challenge -

Value Adding applications of Beacon into digital Menu

As a result of beacon integration with eMenu system, the major benefits, which all the restaurant owners around the world are enjoying at present, comprise of:

• Exclusion of manual intervention in the end to end ordering cycle.
• Timely prevention of theft associated with expensive restaurant devices
• Cost-effective solutions for restaurant owners due to reasonable beacon pricing
• Relief in initial investment for by tablet sharing among tables

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