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If we consider the working pattern of any regular restaurant, typically, a server spends less than 20% time interacting with customers and 80% keying orders into a POS system and moving around the kitchen and tables. By moving the Menu to a mobile device like iPad or android tablets, the server can stay on the floor, ensuring that ordering moves faster.

Keeping your best servers on the floor allows them to serve more tables and provide better service, have more time to chat with customers and share their passion for the menu, which leads to increase sales.


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Mobile menu or digital menu system displays colored pictures of food items with ingredients recommended up sell items and engage the customer in the ordering process; a restaurant could easily see a 10% increase in sales, along with reduced number of servers for all shifts.

Menu On Tablet

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For restaurants without a handheld digital menu system paying the check after a meal can be a time consuming process for both the parties i.e., server and customer. The manual process requires a many steps which can be very slow and frustrating. The guest first requests the check from the server. The server goes to either the restaurant’s shared billing terminal, then they must call up the check on the screen, print it, insert it into a bill folder and bring it back to the table.

The process doesn’t end here. The customer looks at the bill, insert the credit card, wait for the server to return to the table, the server return to the shared billing terminal, pull the guest’s bill, swipe the credit card and wait for its approval, print the charge slip in duplicate, insert the credit card with both copies of the credit card receipt into the bill folder, and bring the check presenter back to the table, the server returns with the check presenter, the guest removes the credit card from the Bill folder, calculate and manually write in the desired tip, total the figures, sign the slip and insert it to the bill folder. The server, lastly returns to the table to collect the signed credit card receipt.


Digital Menu enables table side payment and processing: the guest sees the check onscreen and enters the desired tip amount into the handheld device; the server then swipes the guest’s credit card on the Digital Menu System right at the table; and the guest signs directly on the device and enters an email address at which to receive an electronic receipt.

The guest’s credit card always remains in their sight as it never leaves the table. Digital Menu System can also easily process check splits between multiple guests and credit cards, so the server now does not have to remember the guest’s card on his own.

Payment wth Digital Menu

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Digital Menu System gets rid of all the steps required with older systems, the server now do not have to wait to access and process any bill at the shared billing terminal. This reduces the need for the server to print checks, paper credit card receipts. This saves the restaurant’s paper and printing costs. The transaction takes place digitally on the table itself in less than a minute!

Digital Menu System hastens the process, creates customer indulgence activities, reduces customer waiting time and thereby increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by offering the opportunity to request email notification of future specials.

After paying the check, the server can invite the guest to enter his email address to receive the receipt electronically. This email address can be used for future promotions and customer retention for better service in future visits. The customer’s feedback can also be taken in the restaurant, food and service at the table side or via email.

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In turn, the guests can be rewarded with special coupons or opt-in to receive regular information about the new promotions or on the basis of what they ordered during their last visit. Using these feedbacks the restaurant can uplift their work pattern and reward servers for receiving the top ratings and highest tips.

Higher sales, fewer servers, faster table turns, and happier, more loyal customers – Digital Menu system offers all this and more. It can be foreseen that it is going to profoundly change the customer experience for the better.

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