Digital Menu – The Ultimate Tech Investment

The hospitality bean tree seems to be growing eternally now-a-days. You might as well give up counting on the number of eateries and hotels that a locality might accommodate. The competition is huge and bringing in new customers is a huge task, unless you are located in a crème location.

As such, investments are primary. The more you invest, the better fruits your business will bear for you.

Well, we know you don’t need a lecture on the investments that you should not compromise on; you might already be having the most lavish furniture, the finest china, the best staff and of course, a complete heaven of sinful cuisines to enchant them all.

Well, have you thought about technology? Oh! Yes, of course! How can we forget that POS solution, the company had customized just for you?

Cool! You are a complete business!

Ahhh! Stop! Are you? Or we just forgot talking about your menu?

We appreciate the handsome amount that you had spent on the designing and printing of the menu, it might be just how you wanted it to be, but honestly, have you not traded with the amount of information, just because it was increasing the cost hugely?

Or, did you not have to give up of awesome food photographs half-heartedly, because the designer did not think it right to clutter the menu?

Feel it’s time for some Tech-Up gradation?

Consider digital menu! Here are a few reasons, why a digital menu would be the best investment decision, you have made till date.


Digital Menu - Right Tech Investment

Your Menu Card becomes Immortal

And that means reduced up-gradation costs. Remember the times when you thought your chef could prepare mere than what he was currently preparing? All the menu cards had to be reprinted so that a few more items could be added.

Similar was the case when you thought it right to increase the prices of your offerings.

Sheer death of the old menu cards!

Your digital menu would have an eternal life in that case.

Whenever you need a few changes to be made, just a few clicks, and you are done! They will reflect in all the menu tablets that are placed on your tables!

Check-Out Purchases Increase bits to the Total Sale

We step a level higher on the ladder now. Most digital menus come with an ease to integrate secure payment gateways into them, so that your guests can pay, sitting right at the table. Naturally, there comes a check-out page right?

How about including a few dessert items or candies for kids on show before the check out process? Is that not what retail stores do? They place impulsively purchasable items at the check-out counter! Trust us, you would be able to add 30% of extra sale to the sale you are currently making. People tend to buy small stuff that they were missing throughout their elaborate purchases, stuff that don’t cost much, but can create an experience!

You can’t do that with your paper menu, can you? See, positives of going digital!

Choose to Sell what you want to Sell

Well, let us frame it in this way – a digital menu is like a mini-website that is visible to your customers when they are sitting at your store. So no matter, whether they have cared to pay a visit to your online identity or not, the digital menus that your tables behold, will automatically lead them to knowledge about you, your products and your special offers.

It’s a ball game that has you as the dominant player! Choose items that you want to sell more desperately than the other and place them strategically on your digital menu….Bless them with a lot of information, customizability and awesome visuals. Make it impossible for your guests to ignore these items!

And they will sell like hot cakes!

Your Digital Menu does not Take a Leave

But your stewards do! Even if you have a handful of staff to attend to your guests, one of them bidding out on a leave impacts the performance of other!

Guests need constant attention of stewards. Ask them sometime and you will be amazed at the variety of questions, they have to answer regularly! All of them related to items, their compositions, their spice-level and their customizability.

When you get emenus installed at each table, you need not worry about stewards not being present, as long as you have enough of them to serve the orders. Digital menus successfully answer all such questions!

And finally….

There is no limitation as far as number of pages or folds of paper are considered. Scribble in as much as you want, it won’t look like it has been scribbled!

Need more reasons to invest into digital menu? Talk to our executives, they will help you figure out a hundred more!

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