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Success redefined!! Yes…Here we introduce you Table Tech – our esteemed reseller from Spain, who has successfully partnered with eMenu since last 3 years and the journey continues till date. Azilen Technologies offers excellent business opportunity for a synergistic partnership to gain worldwide acclamation. All in all several success stories about our channel partners depict the success of eMenu worldwide.

Can channel partnership be a successful affair? Let’s see how it happened in the case of Table Tech partnering with eMenu. Table Tech envisioned to be the market leader and provide the best solution for Digital Menu for the hospitality industry in the entire region of Spain. It was in July 2012 that Table Tech partnered with Azilen Technologies to spread the digitization – eMenu, round the globe. The journey began with a very strong team of 5 enthusiastic members for setting up eMenu successfully in Spain. These 3 years have brought them esteemed expertise in exploring the market, identifying the opportunities and serving customers and sub-resellers with the most innovative product of the hospitality industry.


Extensive market research and analysis helped them in serving the restaurants with the best multiutility solution to change the face of restaurant and the way restaurant serves its guest with top notch services. A win-win situation for restaurant as well as the guests that feel at the top of the world with the benefits that they gain with the digital ordering technology.

Partnering with us awards the channel partner with comprehensive range of benefits. So how eMenu helped Table Tech reap benefits and rewards while partnering with eMenu?

• In Spain, one of the greatest foodie joy is the Spanish midday meal culture – Menu del Dia. They encountered the challenge of managing the daily menu and serving the hurried guests the three course meal. This was indeed a very unique and local requirement that no other countries encountered. Now how did eMenu help here? eMenu in coordination with the Spanish reseller’s market understanding left no stone unturned to dig into untapped market to meet them and understand the local market requirements and came up with a special release only for Spain to come up with the perfect customized solution to cater the needs. This is how knowledge of the local market and requirement helps a channel partner get easy access to the customer base and a wider market to serve with the expertise.

• eMenu as a product always stays updated with latest features on regular intervals has helped the Spanish channel partners avail greater return on investment product wise as well as financially due to attractive margins offered and target based incentives. This is the reason how Table Tech’s long term relationship with eMenu is sustainable and still continuing since 3 years and many more years to come.

• eMenu is easily compatible with other POS, it has partnered with many POS integration companies. Amongst the various POS integration companies, TechniWeb and Madisa are one of the major players in Spain and Table Tech has successfully made installations possible with the help of these both companies.

Channel partners can thus avail these and many more benefits with partnering with eMenu and gain success in catering the market demands and reap profits.


In the span of 3 years, Table Tech with its knowledge and expertise in the hospitality industry made 150 successful installations of eMenu in various segments at various places in Spain. These installations have been possible with the help of a major POS Integration company known as MADISA. Amongst these installations, a much important and very highly acclaimed installation is at Sodexo – the food serving unit in a hospital. Sodexo serves food to the patients in the hospital. Table Tech’s installation of eMenu at Sodexo helps patients to browse through the menu and select the order of their choice. The patients can select the food option of their choice for their meal. Thus, with the digital menu patients are at ease and can have the food of their choice with all the details and photographs of the food items in the menu.

Table Tech has explored various segments from fine dine to pubs/bars and provided effective customized solutions. These and various other smart solutions at Zurito, Hotel Adagio Gastronomic, Faves Compatades and many more have helped different customer base relieve the pain of manual menu and embrace the benefits of digital menu solution – eMenu.


Table Tech is successfully carrying out its operations in Spain and also has 4 sub resellers who are working actively to cater the market needs with one of the best innovations in the hospitality industry.

Along with this, Table Tech actively participates in various exhibitions including some of the best ones at Hostelco – Barcelona and Horeq – Madrid. Table Tech showcased eMenu to woo away the visitors and thereby grabbing the lime light at the show.

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