eMenu – The Secret to Integrated and Successful POS Solutions

Flawless and timely solutions have become necessities for all leading businesses worldwide. The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing arenas of these businesses. As such it is constantly seeking for an array of end-to-end solutions for smooth and uninterrupted business operations. To provide such kind of solutions the Point Of Sale or POS companies are striving to serve the hospitality sector with holistic backend solutions. These POS companies are offering the restaurant owners the ease of handling a considerable number of operations in an instantaneous and simultaneous manner.

Although getting established gradually as booming players of the hospitality industry, the POS companies are still expressing vulnerability in terms of precision and ease across all areas of the POS systems. The POS business is not obtaining the desired end results, the following being the facts associated with its unsatisfactory outcomes:

eMenu – The Secret to Integrated and Successful POS Solutions

The POS business is expressing susceptibility to erroneous and delayed outputs because it is remaining directly associated with human intervention

  • This is happening despite the incorporation of the involvement of a wide number of typical software manipulated operations
  • The POS systems are processing a set number of tasks with manual and automated aids
  • But the end products received by the customers at the restaurants are being presented in a very usual and conventional manner
  • As a matter of fact, these end products are lacking any special attraction or unique feature

The present scenario for the restaurant business is reflecting the following:

  • On either end of a restaurant business the customers are also getting drawn towards availing comprehensive or end-to-end solutions offered to them by various businesses
  • These customers are persistently seeking to utilize and save both energy and time in an effective manner and are thus availing the required services from a wide number of industries

Here the role of eMenu has been proved to be quite crucial, as this novel product has started to enhance the entire ordering process providing the POS companies the power of end to end ordering system, with its front end application.

Already having established the essentiality of eMenu as an upgraded and complete solution to the top POS leaders like Micros, eMenu is letting a considerable number of its POS partners add value by packaging it towards and end to end ordering solution. In fact, many of the POS companies are embracing the frontend convenience of eMenu as the smartest option of managing restaurant business in an integrated form. Prominent names like Infogenesis, IIKO, PosiTouch and RKeeper have also accepted eMenu as their trusted partners to promote their operations across the world.

Conveniences extended by eMenu to the POS companies vastly include:

  • Ranging from the selection of dishes to be ordered, right up to the payment solutions at the restaurant via credit card or debit card, eMenu is making all operations quite smooth and fast across different units of the POS systems by integrating each of the elements of an all-embracing system
  • eMenu is making all this possible for its customers with just a few touches across the digital medium of a tablet
  • eMenu is taking care of the front-end system and at the same time is allowing the processing of all operations at the backend in a channelized pattern
  • eMenu is thus fulfilling the purpose of POS integration on a digital platform eliminating all the requirements of manual intervention
  • The fact is that all the value-added and interesting frontend solutions are being integrated comprehensively by eMenu right up to the end solutions of billing and payment
  • The unique frontend solutions, which are being integrated to these end solutions by eMenu, include the conveniences which are being enjoyed by a customer while placing an order through visualisation of a personalized digital menu of a restaurant in a virtual pattern as well as during the presentation of the selected food items at the table by the waiter
  • All end-to-end processes are being administered successfully by the digital medium of eMenu also due to its partnership with the premium providers of secured payment gateways, which include goEmerchant Payment Processing and Bluefin Payment Systems
  • eMenu integration is conveniently incorporating a number of processes on both the ends. Therefore, it is allowing uninterrupted operations of the top POS systems aided across a digital medium and, for this, eMenu is making use of the exclusive feature of Integration Module.

The reality is that eMenu is displaying the exceptional convenience of integrating with all types of backend POS systems. This is being made possible because eMenu designed to be run in perfect rhythm with all types of POS software programmes. That is why the pioneering POS companies around the world are looking forward optimistically towards a partnership with eMenu. Many POS businesses are enthusiastically joining the eMenu Reseller Programme to enjoy the benefits of accessing the unique solutions provided by eMenu for smoother and swifter operations at the back-end than the usual ones.

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