eMenu: Taking Hospitality Sectors To Next Level

Doodling over succulent cuisines is one of the most loving aspects for foodies isn’t it? And it truly becomes impossible for gourmets to lurk any long for their orders to be placed while being at any restaurant. That’s where eMenu emerges as a handy option for food lovers. The ordering service has been a boon not only for the epicures, but also for the restaurateurs. This is all because of its incredible ordering solution that it encapsulates within its service.

Not to mention, eMenu has far been accredited by ample of restaurant owners as a part of their service. Apparently, this wondrous application has also made its reach to various restaurants overseas. Recently, this Digital Menu made two rapid successions in October 2015 adding Trader Jack’s Island Grill followed by J Malone’s Irish Pub and Restaurant at Trinidad and Tobago. And why so? It’s because of its distinct features that it offers not only to the guests but also to the hospitality staff.

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A complete “waiterless” facet as they say is what makes it to stand apart from other hospitality software .This format of menu system has enabled the restaurants to offer the services where the customers won’t have to look for the waiters. The selected orders get digitally recorded with the restaurant through devices, which are then placed to the customers.

eMenu system also minimizes the requirement of waiter staff for any restaurant as the service has been designed to attend and store the orders of multiple tables at a time. Additionally, eMenu system has also been updated with various new features to provide more services to the restaurants of Trinidad and Tobago.

Take a look to some of them which include-

    • Micros POS- One of the most developed Point of Sales system software for companies, Micros POS has integrated its services to eMenu system. Meaning, any orders or changes made would be directly reflected to POS system.


    • Full Ordering- With effective features of eMenu system, now you would be able to make complete ordering at the restaurants with wide range of available options in the list to choose from.


    • Theme Customization- The digital menu provides you the options to tailor the themes of the gadget or the tablet as per the theme of your restaurant. This option also helps in enhancing the brand’s recognition thereby increasing the customer counts.


    • Multi Language- Whatever country your restaurant is located to or wherever your guests come from, they won’t have the boundaries regarding their language. With eMenu’s multi language facility, the customers could make their orders through their selected language from device.


    • Multi Menu- Changing the trend of the traditional menu systems, the eMenu system brings in the very innovative multi menu preferences to you. Hence, you would be able to offer various services of your restaurant to your customers through this enthralling feature.


    • Feedback- In order to improve the services of your restaurant, eMenu has been equipped with the feedback option. Thus, the customers would be able to fill in the feedbacks into the device post their meals.


    • Flexi Table- Forget about your tablet engaged in attending one table. eMenu system now comes with flexi table functionality through which you could attend multiple tables at a time. So, more orders rolling in from single device!


What’s better than to have an engaging menu that omits the hassles of the traditional menu systems of restaurants? Believe it; the restaurant digital menu has certainly revolutionized the services of restaurants. The aforementioned features are some of its variances that it offers to the visitors. Ostensibly, restaurant business was never this easier before. So, when are you going to have the one?

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