Beat with the Rhythms of the Industry – POS Trends 2015

Digital technology has played Godfather to every industry in the present panorama. The sprawling ones are obviously not staying untouched by the digital effect.

Hospitality is a fluent user as well. POS/Point of Sale systems have been long used at various cadres of retailing and hospitality – Hotels, motels, restaurants, lifestyle villas, tourist cottages, and now-a-days even at small-time kiosks.

But just POS is not enough anymore. It is difficult to meet heightened customer demands and expectations with just a back-end software in hand. In an ocean of ample competition, where you are kicking waters to merely stay on surface, fall short of that extra effort, and you are bound to have water in your belly.

POS Trends 2015

Here are 5 awesome side-wagons that all POS companies should consider hinging to their main offering. After all, who does not love every cookie under one big umbrella?

Pager Integration

Since queue management and in-store customer management is a constant challenge facing the hospitality industry, solutions like integration of paging systems with the current POS is an evergreen choice.

Use of paging techniques potentially improve the communication between staff and guest, including scenarios when guests are to be conveyed of their tables and orders gotten ready or when a confirmation of an order placed is in order.

Third Party Interface and in-store ordering

In-store ordering is a huge section of the entire hospitality chain. In fact, it is the first. That made easy, brands have their customer’s loyalty tucked into their kitties.

There exist third party in-store ordering interface for serving the purpose. The ones like eMenu are excellent choices. Such interfaces provide an easy item selection and ordering option, with digital crafting that enhance user experience on all fronts.

And since we have spoken of E-menu here, it is worthwhile to state that it is highly compatible to run with all POS, most payment gateways and pagers.

Along with an effort to build memorable experience, such interfaces go a long way in eliminating manual errors, most common in the activities between placing an order and servicing it.

Integration of such digital menus with existent POS systems is witnessing a rise in the present hospitality scenario. Worth your consideration, may we say?

Integrated wait list and table management systems

Brands can lose a fortune if they keep their customers waiting. This applies specifically to the hospitality industry. Size of tables, number of chairs per table, dimensions of the dining floor, number of tables assigned per waiter….every single thing counts when we talk about queue management in restaurants and hotels.

Integration of table management systems with the existing restaurant POS can do wonders in sweeping out customer dissatisfaction due to unnecessary waiting.

Pay at table solutions

EMV integration has had a positive impact on every realm of commerce. But talk about hotels, guests have to get up and walk to the payment counter just to type in their PINs! It’s irritating at times…

‘Pay at table solutions’ (PAT) bring an end to such irritability. Most PAT solutions come compatible with a variety of POS systems. Integrating them with the POS and utilizing their features might b a wise decision to take for players who have most of their transactions done through EMV.

Omni-channel retailing

Customers are everywhere and they make purchases from everywhere. That is the reason why customer servicing should revolve around every channel that the customer is using. Multi-channel retailing was an earlier avatar of omni-channel retailing. The later concerns with delivering a consistent brand experience to customers, no matter which channel they are using.

Integration of POS with valuable third party solutions seeps down to be a wise decision. Many POS companies are now-a-days becoming channel partners with such third party interfaces, so that the end customers get a streamlined and memorable brand experience.

The Picture-Perfect Future

There is absolutely no doubt about the depth of impact that POS has had on hospitality. An end-to-end solution is however the need of the hour.

Considering the fact that most of these integrations come handy with eMenu, it is quite a wise decision to go for one in-store ordering digital menu and forge the rest of the integrations within it. A complete user-focussed POS solution would be in place thereafter.

Draw out completion in your future business strategy. It’s time for meaningful integrations now!

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