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Zack’s Kitchen at USA is new restaurant concept launched by Zack’s. Furnished with 143 seats this 4000 square foot space restaurant specializes in wide varieties of cuisines including crafted seasonal offerings, stone oven pizzas, burgers along with extensive selection of wines and local craft beers.

Unlike traditional processes at restaurants, the incredible decentralized operation of this restaurant includes all food orders that originate from the same kitchen. Apart from ordering food from the kitchen grill, the customers also have the options to order various categories of cuisines like sushi, desserts, cheese and charcuteries along with caribou coffee with service delivery on tables of the customers.

Finedine Challenges


As a fine dine restaurant, Zack’s Kitchen offers varieties when it comes to food and drink options for the customers to enjoy in its large space. However, the restaurant seeks solution to overcome its challenges of streamlined services such as

  • Managing an entire decentralized food and drink concept with 143 seats and 28 tables with 2 bars while receiving the orders from all the sides.
  • Maintaining high level of service along with quality to provide a good in dine experience to customers.
Finedine Solutions


Analyzing the factors, eMenu came up with solutions to simplify the challenges occurred to the services of the restaurants which include

  • Options for the customers to order food and beverage from customized iPad digital menus which include mouthwatering visuals of cuisines along with complete integration with the POS of the system.
  • Providing convenience to customers enabling every option available with a single touch on the digital menu thus setting out a remarkable experience to them.

Key Benefits

The multi featured digital menu serves to enhance the trends of the hospitality industry. While on the other hand Zack’s Kitchen operates with 2 servers with just single supervisor.
Revolutionizing the ongoing restaurant trend, the eMenu now offers more controls to the guests of the restaurants.
Managing the workflow by minimizing the waiting time of the customers regarding their order placement.
Providing ultimate gateway to the guests for payments along with the options to pay the bills at their table itself through credit card.

Value Proposition

Increases 10% sales of the low ordered meals through scrumptious visuals.

Leads operational effectiveness of the restaurant by augmenting table turnover by 10 minutes.

Increments 25% revenue by cross-selling by including visuals, detailed menu information with featured wine pairing.

Providing ultimate guest satisfaction through varieties of engaging rejuvenating factors such as games, leisure and many more variants.

Proud to be the one and only Micros configured hospitality software service provider and official silver partners for Samsung.

About eMenu

eMenu (electronic Menu) - Touch Screen Ordering Software

Azilen Technologies is a proud innovator of tablet based eMenu System which has been highly accredited in the hospitality industries due to its integrated features. This menu system is extremely functional for various sectors of this industry. Engaging operations offer an ideal ambience to guests for a memorable dining experience.

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