Point of sale(POS)
POS (Point of Sale) Integration with eMenu

eMenu has been designed compatible with all sort of third party POS/billing solution. Further, the role behind the automatic feeding of the ordering data directly to POS is the management unit. This unit sends the order data to third party billing solution which it receives from the guests. Other than that, the management unit and third party need not to be on different machine. Instead they could work on same platform.

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Payment Gateway Integration

Through the use of eMenu, the customers have the convenience to pay their bills from their table itself, as eMenu could be very well integrated to the payment gateway providers. All of this transaction is usually made under high security and the sensitive information of credit card details are encrypted just for the assurance that the information is passed securely among customer, merchant and the payment processor.

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Payment Gateway Integration with Digital Menu

Pager Integration
Pager Integration with electronic Menu

One of the facts associated with eMenu is that it could be used to send notifications to its connected pagers for the concerned tables that would indicate the waiter to serve the specific table. The pagers integrated with eMenu provide an option to send notifications directly to the waiter in order to provide the required assistance to the customers.

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Proud to be the one and only Micros configured hospitality software service provider and official silver partners for Samsung.

About eMenu

eMenu (electronic Menu) - Touch Screen Ordering Software

Azilen Technologies is a proud innovator of tablet based eMenu System which has been highly accredited in the hospitality industries due to its integrated features. This menu system is extremely functional for various sectors of this industry. Engaging operations offer an ideal ambience to guests for a memorable dining experience.

eMenu News and Event

eMenu Creates Huge Buzz at NRA Event


Chicago, IL, June 6, 2013: eMenu, touch screen menu system for restaurants created a huge buzz in the recently held National Restaurant Association (NRA) event which featured more than 10,000 booths and a number of innovations which could boost the efficiency of restaurants worldwide.

eMenu announce its QSR version "eMenu Zesto"


QSR are primarily about fast and efficient service. Serving efficiently in minimal time with low staff cost is desired for any QSR/Food court, eMenu Zesto helps QSR to achieve this.

eMenu uncovers the Cloud Based Digital Menu System


eMenu uncovers the Cloud Based Digital Menu System: An Eye-Catching Product for the Restaurant Owners Ahmedabad, Gujarat, May 06, 2013: eMenu;

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