Ordering the Spanish Way

The client is a Spain based distributor of the eMenu System. It has collaborated with digital menu to provide an exemplary experience in hospitality industry. Moreover, the client also holds a good name over myriad restaurants and bars, with some acquiring tablet based menu for their wine categories while others availing it to configure with their POS systems. If analyzed overall, various hospitality industries have found the eMenu system as a functional aspect for their respective sectors.

eMenu offers a sort of telescopic view to the customers through which they have the option to go through all the wine categories at once. Further, it also helps to minimize the waiting time for the guests to be served. The other attractions also include the upselling and cross-selling options through which the restaurants could also enhance their sales by compelling the guests through tempting images of delicacies.

Spanish Challenges


  • Restaurants in Spain have a midday meal culture which includes various sections of dining such as Meal del Dia. This is one of the most popular culinary that consists of three course meals such as El Primer Plato as the first meal, El Segundo being the second followed by El posture as the third meal. Additionally, every meal comprises of about three or four selections for the guests to select from.
  • A notable factor about midday culture is its cuisine which changes every day. However, the same becomes a challenging facet when the restaurants need to update their menu every other day. The second challenging issue was to manage the waiting time for the orders to be placed for the guests who finish their meal during short time duration. In addition, lower table turnaround was one of the considerable causes due to significant gaps in the operational workflow.
Spanish Solutions


Analyzing the issues eMenu came up with the required solutions for the restaurants thereby making things simpler for the guests as well as for the restaurateurs through some of its remedial features which included-

  • Multi Language Feature- One of the best methods to address far-off guests is to provide them with the option of multi-language. Doing so would help them to explore the menu in their native language. Besides, this also offers them with better in dine experience.
  • Menu del Dia- Apart from multi lingual feature, the customers could also enjoy the traditional Spanish midday culture Menu del Dia. While the customers are taking pleasure of their first meal, the other meals could be prepared during that time duration which could be served when the customers finish with their first meal. This also helps to reduce the waiting time period for the guests thereby enhancing the table turnaround time.

Key Benefits

Few man power results in the cost benefit of the restaurants which could be used for better outcomes.
Implementation of rich design highlighting could be an added advantage to get noted by the audiences.
Internal promotions and advertising module manager help to augment the revenues which also provide charismatic dining experience to the customers.
User friendly modes and functionalities help in result in smooth workflow operations.

Value Proposition

The scope to exhibit the bar menu broadly along with enriched experience and options to the customers serve as advantages over traditional menu system.

Better output at kitchen by reducing the consistent to and fro from the table through proper management of financial and human resource.

Increments cross-selling and the food pairing by 13% through tantalizing visuals of the food items.

Enhances table turnover by 10-15%

Proud to be the one and only Micros configured hospitality software service provider and official silver partners for Samsung.

About eMenu

eMenu (electronic Menu) - Touch Screen Ordering Software

Azilen Technologies is a proud innovator of tablet based eMenu System which has been highly accredited in the hospitality industries due to its integrated features. This menu system is extremely functional for various sectors of this industry. Engaging operations offer an ideal ambience to guests for a memorable dining experience.

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